Moyo International is dedicated to the mission of effective poverty reduction.

Moyo International is a federally recognized 501c3 charitable organization based in the U.S.A. Founded in 2006, Moyo collaborates with several registered NGOs in East Africa and groups in the USA. Moyo's mission is to actively and effectively reduce poverty on a global stage by utilizing our own "Moyo Model" integrated approach to address the root causes of poverty and discrimination.

The Moyo Model of Poverty Reduction

Moyo International is dedicated to the mission of effective poverty reduction. Moyo raises and distributes funds, creates and evaluates programs, and maintains a cooperative international network.

The Moyo Model of poverty reduction, created and researched by Joanna Leigh, addresses the root causes of poverty and finds solutions in a culturally grounded approach. Working with our partners, Moyo provides:


  • Microloans
  • Bank Seeding
  • Business Training
  • Leadership workshops
  • Networking support
  • Formal education
  • Computer and language training
  • Trade skills
  • Job placement 
  • Business workshops

Human rights and legal protections for social equality addressed by:

  • Workshops and village meetings

  • Literature, posters, plays, and tv/radio spots

  • Programs dedicated to rights and responsibilities in families
  • Widespread paralegal support in over 100 locations
  • Direct connections with police, village leaders, and the court
  • Legal assistance in bringing cases of abuse or discrimination to court
  • Dedicated counseling for victims of abuse and discrimination
  • Midwife training
  • Mosquito net distribution
  • HIV/AIDS programming
  • Food security / nutrition programs
  • Safe cooking & proper sanitation practices
  • Clinic building / equipping

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About Tanzania, East Africa

  • Tanzania - Daily Life

    dailylife-thumb75% of the population has contracted malaria, 60% HIV. The rate of HIV infection is 5.6%, with malaria as a co-morbid factor. 73% of Tanzanians live in rural environments on less than $1USD per day, without access to clean water, basic sanitation, healthcare, or markets. The poorest of the poor tend to be women, who by custom—in contrast to actual laws--are afforded few rights (to be educated, to work for income, to own property) yet carry the most responsibility for the family welfare.

  • Tanzania - Population Profile

    populationprofile-thumbTanzania's population is approximately 45 million and includes over 120 tribes. TZ is split into almost equal thirds among Christians, Muslims, and those with indigenous beliefs. The ethnic profile is 99% African and the remaining 1% European, Arab, and Asian.

  • Tanzania - Economy

    economy-thumbTanzania ranks 187th out of 194 countries in purchasing power, according to the IMF. Tourism represents 68% of the economy, along with small locally owned agriculture and transportation services. 1 in 5 girls have no education at all, despite the fact that 1 extra year of secondary school will boost earning potential by 15-25%. Females reinvest 90% of income into family (education, healthcare, family business), compared to 30% of male reinvestment. The economy grows by 3% overall if only 10% more girls go to school!

  • Tanzania - Location

    location-thumbTanzania lies on the coast of East Africa and shares borders with 8 other African countries. Its world famous parks and attractions include Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Zanzibar, the Spice Island, combines both ancient ruins and beautiful beaches.


  • Tanzania - Politics

    politics-thumbsThe United Republic of Tanzania was formed out of the former colonies, Tanganyika and Zanzibar. Tanganyika became sovereign in 1961 and Zanzibar in 1963. President Julius Nyerere united the country in 1964 under a single language, Kiswahili, and vision. Since independence, Tanzania is unique in Africa for never having had any conflicts. Tanzania has a one party government system consisting of a federal ruling party President based on mainland Tanzania and a semi-autonomous President in Zanzibar.


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