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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my online donations secure?

Yes! Moyo International utilizes well- known and secure Paypal!

Is 100% of my donation really going to the mission? REALLY?

Yes, REALLY! All of us here at Moyo International have seen this as a labor of love and sacrifice. The Executive Director and our entire Board is composed of people who devote themselves to this work. We are all VOLUNTEERS, with the exception of our Executive Director who gets paid $1USD annually. We have no traditional "overhead", as the office is our laptops. We do not send out glossy fliers or pay celebrities to endorse us. We believe that your donations need to be stretched to the penny, and you trust us to do so! If we put forth positive change into the world, you will share our good work with everyone you know, and help us keep doing even more. We think it's a good deal :)

Are my donations tax-deductible?

YES!!! Moyo is a registered 501c3 and all donations are fully tax deductible. When we receive a donation, we send out a letter that thanks you for your donation and specifies the amount. Keep that letter for your taxes.

How do I know my donation is going to the right places?

Good question. At Moyo we are hands on in every way. We are small and very involved with our partners and projects. Each of us, from the Executive Director to the Board members visit Tanzania regularly, keep in touch via email/skype, and is consistently engaged in evaluating the programs. With transparency, integrity, and respect for each other, we work collaboratively to address what is needed in a systemic way. When you donate to Moyo International, not only do we apply it where it is most needed, but we have all of the evaluation and auditing procedures to ensure the program is both valuable and cost-effective.

Why Tanzania? Poverty is everywhere.

Another very good question! There are a lot of reasons "why Tanzania". Logically, for reasons of poverty reduction research and programming, Tanzania is ideal! It is reasonably safe (for a developing country!), politically stable, is geographically perfect for growth opportunities, and has an undercurrent of youth and women who are eager to seek progressive movement. At the same time, Tanzania suffers from corruption, extreme poverty, gender discrimination, lack of infrastructure, lack of a distribution of resources that would allow the government to educate, feed, or provide basic healthcare or clean water to the vast majority of the population. In addition, Tanzania consists of 121 tribes, multiple religions, and vastly different ecological regions. So, although primed for success, Tanzania is not flourishing as would have been expected of a country so well situated. Thus, in Tanzania, one finds the ideal location for potential positive growth, yet also with virtually every challenge one might face when attempting to find poverty reduction strategies that can truly work for everybody around the world. And ultimately, that IS the goal--to not only do great work in Tanzania, but also find strategies that will work globally.

I want to volunteer. What do I have to do?

Great! We love volunteers! Volunteering for a nonprofit that does work in Africa largely depends on your age, your skills, your time committment, etc. Some volunteers go over to TZ and help by using their medical or carpentry skills, others focus on gathering online support for fundraising, still others host "parties for a purpose" or other fundraising activities where people can get together, enjoy themselves and do good at the same time. Please feel free to contact us to learn more!

My question isn't here....

No worries! Contact us and we'll be happy to answer to the best of our ability :)

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